N J Ford Funeral Home nightmare in Memphis TN.


My son was murdered on January 13, 2013.N J Ford Funeral Home located on Second Street made the horrible arraignments.

They escorted us to the Cemetery by way of the expressway which caused us to loose ninty percent of our guest. Plus they lied and told me that rhey will file the claim with the State since my son was murdered but they filed it on my son Life Insurance policy which caused the State to deny my claim. N J Ford Funeral Home is the worst place to take a love one. I didn't select this place.

I was forced to by my son's wife who was a nightmare herself. She tried to demand evetything her way when she didn't have a dime to pay anything. I wanted my baby to have a wonderful Homecoming but she made it a nightmare by selecting N J Ford Funeral Home. I am placing this information on this website to inform all consumers to beware of this low down business that will say and do anything to get your money.

They also tried to get my son's Life Insurance information by lyng saying that Globe Life told them in order for them to file their ckaim and get paid that they will need to submit a copy of my son's Life Insurance policy with the claim.

I called Globe Life who had me to put N J Ford Funeral Home on three way and they told them that they never told them that and from now on if they need any Life Insurance information then they will have to adk me for it and not call them since this conversation had to take place.Like I said they are a rip off and will steal, lie and cheat anyone

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Memphis, Tennessee, United States #1233944

They dont even have a lisecened funeral director making arrangments edgar miller

Ames, Iowa, United States #936277

I know his brother was a lying cheating theif and a drunk who just got out of prison and was married to a drink.nevertheless sorry for your lost.

Dallas, Texas, United States #805517

You cannot use the assistance burial fund if you have life insurance,But the crime victims assistance fund will give you a check if the death was caused thru know fault of your own reguardless of weather that person has life insurance or not.When my son got murdered i recieved a lum sum of money from the crime victims assistance fund and I had life insurance on my son at the time because my son died thru know fault of his own.

Sumter, South Carolina, United States #767100

You can not use a victims assistance burial fund if you have life insurance. It sounds like you wanted to get over and bury your son on public funds when you had the finances to pay. I'm sorry that your loved one was murdered but, based on the information presented, I find no fault with the funeral home.

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I agree

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